Marcus Jensen
Biographical information
Nationality UnitedStates American
Age 30
Role Scientist in the Santa Blanca drug cartel
Affiliations Santa Blanca Drug Cartel
Occupation Assistant chemist
Appearances War Within the Cartel, Ghost Recon Wildlands

Marcus Jensen is an American chemist located in Libertad who was hired to increase coca production in the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel. He serves as a "buchon" under El Yayo.

He and his team were once visited by Nidia Flores, who ordered them to increase production, even though they were at capacity.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He is played by the rapper "T.I." - Trip Harris.
  • He is one of the underbosses the Ghosts must encounter if they choose to go after the Production side.
  • After capturing Marcus Jenson, the player is rewarded with 5 skill points and the Mendeleyev, a unique variant of the Vector .45 ACP.
  • He bears the same first name as well as a striking resemblance to Marcus Holloway, a playable character from the video game Watch Dogs 2 which is also an Ubisoft title.


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