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A Mk48 mod 0

The MK. 48 is a light machine gun used by the US Army. It is a variant of the M249 SAW. It is favored by Ghost Recon operator Marcus Brown.

In WildlandsEdit

"An LMG that dishes out heaps of damage."
— In-Game Description

The MK-48 is a belt-fed Light Machine Gun that can be acquired in the Espiritu Santo province.


Role in Ghost ReconEdit

The MK.48 appears in GRAW as Marcus Brown's primary weapon.

In the Ghost Recon novel, he carries it during Operation War Wraith and fires at two Chinese helicopters with it.

Real-world overviewEdit

The MK.48 MOD 0 is developed by FN Manufacturing Inc. It was adopted by the US Army in 2003 after a request for such a weapon was made in 2001. US SpecOps were the first to receive this new weapon.

Technically, the MK.48 is a scaled-up version of the MK.46 chambered for the 7.62x51mm round instead of 5.56mm rounds. Unlike the M249, the MK.48 cannot accept magazines. The Mk.48 mod. 0 will provide several firepower advantages (in both terminal effectiveness and range) over the Mk.46 mod. 0 and M249 SAW, being much lighter than M240B and much reliable than Mk.43 mod. 0 (M60E4).


  • Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
  • Weight: 8.2 kg without ammunition and optical sights
  • Length: ~ 1000 mm
  • Feeding: belt
  • Rate of fire: ~ 700 rounds/min





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