This American machinegun fires 7.62x51mm rounds at a rate of 600 rpm. It is knows as "the pig". It is known to have a variety of reliability and fragility problems that have led the US military to adopt the 7.62mm M240 to replace it.


The development of the M60 AKA "The Pig" traces its origins back to the German WWII MG 42 Heavy Machine Gun, when the U.S. tried converting it to U.S. caliber rifle rounds, starting with the T24 Prototype. The T44, designed in 1946 combined features from two German designs- the belt feed of the MG42 and the action of the FG42. The development of the T44 stopped in 1948 when it was decided to concentrate on a new, shortened 7.62mm T65 cartridge.

Work on a new prototype, designated T52, commenced in 1947 and was continued up until 1952, when it was decided to persuade a derivative of the T52 design, known as the T52E3, under the new designation T161. Originally chambered in .30-06 (as a backup measure for the guns chambered for new 7.62mm T65E3 ammunition), the T161 went through several versions, starting with the 7.62mm T161E1 and up to T161E3, which was finally adopted in 1957 as the “machine gun, 7.62mm, M60”.


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