The M468 is an upgraded version of the M16/M4 series firing a larger cartridge. It is available for use by Ghost Recon teams.

The M468 is manufactured by Barrett Firearms Company, who are probably best known for producing the M82A1 .50 caliber sniper rifle.

In addition, the M468 uses the 6.8 mm Remington SPC cartridge that are very similar in dimensions to the 5.56 mm rounds used by the United States military today. According to Barrett, the 6.8 mm round is supposed to have 50% more stopping power than the 5.56 round and a longer effective range. The round has a slightly lower velocity than the 5.56 round, but Barrett claims it has 1.5 times the kinetic energy as the 5.56 mm round. The company claims that it is effective at six hundred meters and has a muzzle velocity of 2650 feet per second when fired from a 16 inch barrel. Like many AR-15 type rifles, such as the M16, the barrel is threaded to allow muzzle attachments such as a suppressor. The M468 employs the ARMS, Inc. Selective Integration Rail (SIR) handguard, which allows many military accessories such as a bipod, night vision devices, and combat optics to be placed on the rifle. In addition the SIR system had flip-up iron sights already built in to the system that can be used if used as a stand alone rifle.


In Ghost Recon

The Barrett M468 made its debut in the console versions of Advanced Warfighter. This new weapon, with its 2x scope, is useful for encounters at medium range, and the sheer power of the 6.8x43mm allows the user to handle himself at close range combat (CQC) just as well. However, the M468 is NOT compatible with a grenade launcher in campaign mode, and it's twenty-eight round magazine can be rapidly depleted in large firefights. It also holds less ammunition than that of the MR-C or SCAR series, but its power and accuracy make up for this weakness.