The M203 is a single-shot, breech-loading grenade launcher. It is used by the United States Army and can attach to the M16 rifle.


Developed between 1967-1968 by the AAI Corporation of USA, under contract from the U.S. Army, the M203 was first issued to US troops in Vietnam. It was designed to attach to AR-15/M16 type rifles in use by the Army, however there are a number of third-party equipment and attachments to allow it to be used as a stand-alone weapon.

In Ghost Recon Edit

In Ghost Recon, the M203 is attached to the M16 and used by Riflemen and Grenadiers.

In Ghost Recon Future SoldierEdit

"Gives a rifle more power by launching grenades up to medium engagement ranges."

The 40MM HEDP Launcher is an Underbarrel attachment that attaches a special launcher to the weapon. It fires 40MM HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) rounds that explode on impact. The 40MM round will need to travel a certain distance before it can explode. Unexploded 40MM rounds can temporarily knock down enemies.


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