The M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) is an armored personel carrier of the Stryker-family of vehicles, used by the United States Army.


M1126 Striker in real life.

General Edit

The Infantry Carrier Vehicle provides protected transport and supporting fire for the infantry squad during dismounted assault. The Stryker is a full time four-wheel drive, selectively eight-wheel drive, armored vehicle weighing approximately 19t which carries an infantry squad with their equipment. The vehicle can attain speeds of 70 mph on paved roads.

The basic infantry carrier vehicle (ICV) provides

armored protection for the two-man crew and a squad of nine soldiers.

Digital communications system Edit

The vehicle's commander has an FBCB2 (Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below) digital communications system that allows communication between vehicles through text messaging and a map network, as well as with the battalion. The map shows the position of all vehicles on the battlefield and the commander can mark the position of enemy forces on the map which can then be seen by other commanders

Kongsberg Remote Weapon Station Edit

The ICV has a Kongsberg Remote Weapon Station with a universal soft mount cradle, which can mount either a 12.7mm (0.50 caliber) M2 machine gun, MK19 40mm grenade launcher or M240 7.62mm machine gun. It is also armed with four M6 smoke grenade launchers.

In Ghost Recon Edit

The Stryker appears multiple times in the console and PC versions of GRAW 2. The player is able to command them using the Cross Com as part of the squad.


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