The MGL is a grenade launcher of South African origin. It was developed to provide more firepower than the M79. At the time of introduction the MGL was the first revolver type grenade launcher. Nowadays it is one of the most common stand alone grenade launchers next to the American M79 and German HK 69.

The MGL is a revolver type multi-shot grenade launcher. The revolver and rear cover are attached to a tubular frame. The barrel aligns with the top chamber and features a progressive rifling. The rear cover of the revolver can swing open to allow for reloading. A double action trigger is positioned at the pistol grip. The revolver is spring operated, but does not switch to a next round upon a misfire. This allows for a second try to fire the round. An occluded eye gunsight is mounted on top. The standard models have a metal shoulder stock that folds over the sight. Later models feature a polymer retractable stock.

The MGL fires standard 40x46mm low velocity grenades as used in most Western grenade launchers. The maximum range is 400 m, although the sights allows for only 375 m. The direct fire range is about 100 m with a minimum range of 30 m. An experienced operator can accurately fire up to 18 rounds per minute. That is about three times as much as a single shot grenade launcher. In theory all 6 rounds can be fired in 3 seconds, which can be useful during an ambush.