Lukas Farber
Biographical information
Nationality German
Born November 25, 1985
Birth place Germany
Affiliations German Army (31st Airborne Brigade)
Occupation Soldier
Rank Feldwebel (Korean war)
Colonel (World War III)
Class Gunner
Brigade commander
Appearances Ghost Recon 2
Physical description

Feldwebel Lukas Färber is a Gunner in the German Army. During the 2011 North Korean War, Färber joined with Captain Scott Mitchell of The Ghosts on a mission. He was later interviewed on Modern Heroes. During World War III, he serves EFEC as a Colonel, leading a battlegroup.

Lukas Färber was born on November 25, 1985 and grew up in the former East Germany and comes from a long line of soldiers. A little cocky and somewhat sarcastic, Färber has plenty of experience from peacekeeping deployments around the world. Färber serves in Germany's 31st Airborne Brigade (Luftlandebrigade 31).



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