Luis Rocha
Biographical information
Nationality Argentina b Argentinian
Died c. 2019
Death place Eastern District, Bolivia
Nickname The Machine
Affiliations Los Extranjeros
Occupation Mercenary, district commander
Rank Major
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands

Major Luis Rocha, also known as La Maquina (The Machine) or El Espectro (The Spectre), is a former Argentinean Army officer and a commander in the Los Extranjeros mercenary unit operating in Bolivia. Very cunning and good at covert tactics, Rocha and his elite operatives are Los Extranjeros equivalent to the Ghosts.

He operates the drug labs that were abandoned when the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel collapsed, and treats the inhabitants as slave labor for his work.


Nomad's Ghost Recon team provoked him by tearing through his operation. They forced his cadre to an outpost, where the Ghosts pursued him. Rocha ran up the nearby mountain, where he was cornered and killed by the Ghosts. At the time, he was wearing advanced Optical camouflage, rendering him invisible except through heat sensors.