Loyalist Base
Loyalist Base
Location Sri Lanka
Objective 1. Assault the Loyalist base
2. Destroy the Counter-Battery Radar vehicle
Game Ghost Recon Predator
Previous Mission: Bravo Village
Next Mission: Jungle Crashsite

Loyalist Base is the sixth mission conducted by The Ghosts during the Sri Lankan conflict.

Briefing: Edit

Ranjit Hisan - Some Loyalist forces have returned to the base, no doubt to celebrate the slaughter of my defenseless people. Perhaps to resupply for more.

The goal is simple: assault their base of operations and inflict mass casualties upon the enemy.

We will strike at their Armory near the heart of the camp. Destroying their weapons cache will rob Loyalist forces throughout the region of weapons.

The loyalist base is their primary means for reinforcements. While we're inside, we must eliminate as many of their resources as possible. Our intelligence suggests that the largest concentration of soldiers is near the mess hall.

My men have informed me that the Loyalists have several transportation vehicles located near their main operations center. We must destroy these vehicles to cripple their mobility and prevent further attacks.

The Base Commander's quarters are a likely location for intelligence. We must infiltrate and gather any intel we can find.

Loyalists also have a Counter-Battery Radar set up just outside the base. Destroying it is optional, but it will be well received by the people.


1. Destroy the Counter-Battery Radar vehicleEdit


The Loyalist's counter-battery radar is located here. Taking it out should free up Bravo's mortar team for support.

2. Destroy the Counter-Battery Radar vehicleEdit


Our intel suggests that a large number of Loyalists are located near the mess hall. We need to weaken their forces, so take out as many of them as possible.

3. Demolish the ArmoryEdit


The armory is located near the heart of the camp. We expect the highest concentration of soldiers here. Plant your charges and detonate them when you're clear of the blast zone.

4. Search for intelligenceEdit

Commanders HQ

This is the base commander's quarters. This is a likely location for intelligence, so make sure to check the area.

5. Destroy the Loyalists trucksEdit

Loyalist trucks

Here's the Loyalist's parade ground. Loyalist vehicles are located here. Taking these out will cripple the Loyalist's ability to mobilize reinforcements.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M6 Loyalist Base16:45

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M6 Loyalist Base

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