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Los Extranjeros (The Foreigners) is a highly armed and dangerous mercenary unit brought in to assist La Unidad in reestablishing order in Bolivia following the collapse of the SBC. The group consists of ex cartel members, ex soldiers, and mercenaries. Rather than helping establish order, they take control of the abandoned SBC facilities and continue where the cartel left off. Meanwhile, the unit also commits various crimes against the citizens of Bolivia. It is lead by Colonel Juan Ignacio Merlo, Major Luis Rocha, Captain Dante Cruzar and Captain Tomas Ortega.

Soldier unitsEdit

  • Footman - Basic infantry units that have the same skill as a regular Unidad grunt.
  • Armored - These soldiers are armed with a custom R4, or occasionally an LMG. They have advanced bulletproof body armor and can only be damaged by explosives or by shots to the head.
  • Covert Ops - These soldiers wear optical camouflage suits and carry crossbows, making them nearly invisible and extremely deadly.
  • Jammer - These soldiers are equipped with portable jamming devices that will disable the tactical map, disable night vision/thermal vision, and prevent the Ghosts from using drones. Killing the soldier will disable the jamming device.
  • Elite snipers - Los Extranjeros' snipers carry heavy anti-material rifles with a red-dot scope. These snipers can detect the Ghosts much more quickly than other soldiers.





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