La Yuri & El Polito
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province Itacua
Target La Yuri and El Polito
Mission Objectives - Gain access to La Yuri and El Polito's hunting lodge
- Kill La Yuri and El Polito

La Yuri & El Polito is the final mission in the Itacua province and takes place once all of the other missions are complete.


After rescuing Amaru and the rebel prisoner, stealing El Polito's car and Interrogating the unidad captain, Nomad and his team go to eliminate La Yuri and El Polito who are located in their hunting lodge.

Mission DescriptionEdit

According to our intel, La Yuri and El Polito have returned to Itacua in response to the commander's message. We have a location on the hunting lodge where they are staying. Get to the lodge, locate the torturers, and kill them.

When complete:
El Polito and La Yuri have been neutralized. This will send a message to the cartel that no one tortures and kills a US agent and gets a way with it.

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