Maria del Rocio Mendez
La Santera
Biographical information
Nationality Mexico Mexican
Age 26
Role Influence buchon for the Espiritu Santo region
Affiliations Santa Blanca Cartel
Occupation Preacher
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands

Maria del Rocio Mendez, better known as La Santera (The Saint-maker), is a key piece of the Santa Blanca drug cartel's influence operation.

Growing up Catholic in Mexico, she was obsessed with the martyrs of Roman times. She convinced herself that it was the Church’s responsibility to cleanse the world of heretics.

When she was in her teens, she learned about Santa Muerte and became immediately fascinated by the belief that followers must repay Santa Muerte for their good luck or face punishments. Maria found herself drawn to the fact that many of Santa Muerte’s worshipers follow her in fear.

El Cardenal, head of religion and leader of Santa Blanca’s influence arm, found Maria leading her own Santa Muerte sanctuary. Maria had grown a sizable following. El Cardenal admired the way she used fear to manipulate her followers, and introduced her to cartel head, El Sueño. El Sueño enlisted her to share the message of Santa Muerte throughout Bolivia, and to use the fear she instills in order to keep the civilians in line with Santa Blanca Cartel’s interests.


After the Ghosts kill off La Santera's personal sicario teams, steal El Sueño's bible and destroy the gold mines that heavily fund the cartel, El Sueño orders a public execution of La Santera. She is captured by cartel members and held in a cage in a village, in which the Ghosts are ordered to save her by breaking her out and take her to a hut for interrogation in hopes of turning her against Sueño for having her almost killed. Despite Bowmans attempt to turn her, she refuses to cooperate. Bowman tries one last time by threatening prison, to which Santera replies saying she'd endure Santa Muerte's hell, while Bowman replies, "You haven't seen MY hell."


  • After capturing La Santera, the player will be rewarded with 5 skill points, the Skull Bandana mask for player customization and the Lanza Sagrada Unique SVD sniper rifle.
  • In the kingslayer file for El Sueño, you can see that La Santera is the underboss of the influence operation, not Ramon Feliz