La Plaga (Mission)
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province La Cruz
Target La Plaga
Mission Objectives - Locate La Plaga
- Kill La Plaga

La Plaga (Mission) takes place in La Cruz and is unlocked after two security buchons are defeated.


Upon defeating two security buchons, Karen Bowman calls the Ghosts stating La Plaga's current state. She then orders them to locate and kill him.

La Plaga's getting ready to flee the country with his big brother. We can't let that happen. Take out La Plaga befor he gets away.
---Karen Bowman giving kill orders to Nomad

Mission DescriptionEdit

El Sueño has given El Muro a chance to atone for his failure by killing La Plaga. But El Muro can't bring himself to murder his brother. Instead, he plans on sneaking out of the country and taking La Plaga with him. Kill La Plaga before he gets away.

When complete:
La Plaga tried to flee using a tunnel underneath his house, but after a lengthy persuit we cornered and killed him. La Plaga's death will raise tension between El Muro and El Sueño past the breaking point. A bloody fued is now inevitable.

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