Kingslayer Files are the collectable intel found across the entire Bolivian map in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. These files contain intel about friendly and hostile people, events, etc., that were in apart of the Kingslayer Operation. They can be found in the form of audio and video logs, along with picture evidence and urban legends.

Every Kingslayer File, along with their details, can be found sorted by province and their Buchons listed below.

El Sueño - LeaderEdit

I am not a liar. I have killed thousands. I have fed more drugfiends than the top three pharmaceutical companies combined. I have stolen children from parents, wives from husbands, wiped out entire generations. But lying - that I have never done. The rest are offences against humanity. Lying is an offence against yourself.
I am the head of the Santa Blanca organisation, which you call a 'cartel'. I had a dream. I dreamed of a land where we could grown our own coca, produce our own cocaine. Where we could run our business free from interference from the police, the government, the army, the Yanquis.
In my dream, a woman's voice asked me - "Sueño, m'ijo - what if you had your own country?"
Like Moses, I led my people to the promised land, Bolivia. We came here. We bought the coca fields. What we couldn't buy, we took. We bought the police, the military, the judges, the politicians. We were on the verge of becoming the government itself, on the razor's edge from fulfilling my dream... of creating the narco-state. The nation of Santa Blanca.
  • Bowman Briefing - Karen's briefing to the Ghosts.
    • Transcript:
Last week, a crude explosive detonated outside the US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia. Two Marine Embassy Guards were injured in the blast. Two days later, a CIA asset in central Bolivia provided us with these images.
Our analysts have identified the individual in the photos as DEA Special Agent Ricardo 'Ricky' Sandoval. My friend.
Sandoval has... had spent the last six years investigating the local cocaine industry. Our understanding is that Sandoval was the intended target of the bombing. What the embassy bomb did not accomplish was completed up close and personal. Sandoval was captured, tortured and killed. Then his body was dumped. We have yet to recover it.
Our target, the group responsible for the bombing and the death of Special Agent Sandoval, is the drug trafficking organization commonly known as the Santa Blanca Cartel. Yesterday they were just narcos. Today, they're narco-terrorists.
Initially, the Bolivian government resisted the Mexican cartel. They formed Unidad, a Bolivian special forces unit. It didn't go as planned. Thousands of bodies later, politicians, police officers and journalists have become an endangered species. The Bolivian government has imploded on itself. With no other options, the new President made a deal with Santa Blanca:
"You stop killing our people, we'll look the other way."
Since then, Santa Blanca has turned Bolivia into the nexus of the South American drug trade. With their friends in Mexico, they also have a clear pipeline to the U.S. and Canada. The only way to stop Santa Blanca for good is to completely dismantle them, piece by piece.
The cartel is organized into four operations:
  • Production
  • Smuggling
  • Security
  • Influence
On top of it all is El jefe de ls jefes. Boss of bosses. El Sueño.


Buchon: La Yuri & El Polito

Kingslayer Files

  • Bowman Briefing - "La Yuri & El Polito" - Medically Trained. Crazy in love. Torturers.
    • Transcript: There were 4 people in the room the night DEA Agent Ricky Sandoval was murdered. El Sueño, the head of the Santa Blanca Cartel, Ricky, and the last two were La Yuri and El Polito. In 2006, Yuri and Polito met at a poor, state-run hospital Bolivia where El Polito was doing his residency and La Yuri worked as a nurse. It was love at first sight. From the first moment their eyes met, they were inseparable; A love like no other. One day a buchon named La Plaga walked into the E.R. all shot up. It was touch and go for a while, but Yuri and Polito were able to save his life. La Plaga was grateful. He showered them with gifts, invitations to the most exclusive parties, even a new car. And after a while, La Plaga made Yuri and Polito the personal medical staff of the Santa Blanca Cartel; but that wasn't their main job. See, Yuri and Polito know about the human body, they know about how much pain a person can endure before they'll die. They know how to keep a person alive and awake so they can feel the pain. And most of all, they know how to inflict that pain. That's what they do in Itacua Province. When Santa Blanca captures someone who refuses to talk, La Yuri and El Polito make them talk. They break people. Like I said, there were four people in the room the night Ricky Sandoval was murdered. Sueño, Ricky, Yuri, and Polito. They kept Ricky alive while Sueño tortured him, non-stop, for 47 hours straight. They broke Ricky Sandoval, then Sueño executed him.
  • Recording: "Tainted Love" - Santa Blanca chief torturers - La Yuri and El Polito - get into a lover's spat over a man they just killed.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "Breaking the Siege" - El Muro reports to El Sueño that the town of Culta is harboring rebels, and Sueño orders him to wipe the place right off the map.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "The Call to Arms" - The beginning of the resistance. Pac Katari gives a gung-ho speech to the people of his town for the first time and declares himself to be the leader of the rebels.
    • Transcript:
  • Picture Evidence: "Birth of a Resistance" - A picture of rebellion founder Pac Katari and Amaru in the first days of the insurgency.
  • Picture Evidence: "Tactical Map" - A satellite picture showing positions of rebel forces at the Itacua border.
  • Picture Evidence: "Yuri and Polito Photogram" - A Photogram post of La Yuri and El Polito, deeply in love. La Yuri & El Polito are the head interrogators for the Santa Blanca.
  • Picture Evidence: "A Courtesy Call" - Security camera footage of El Sueño paying a visit to La Yuri and El Polito in Itacua. Yuri and Polito are the head interrogators for the Santa Blanca.
  • Legend: "Dogtown" - There's a village in Itacua whose name no one in Bolivia dares to say. This village is called Yopil and locals believe it is cursed. A few months ago, all of its villages disappeared overnight. No one has seen anything or heard of them ever since. Some people believe Santa Blanca snatched the entire village. The village has since been colonized by a pack of hounds and is referred to as "Dogtown". The legend goes that if you use a special whistle you can control the dogs.
  • Legend: "The Wiphala Flag" - The Wiphala is an indigenous emblem in the Andes. It is a seven-color flag with a checkered pattern, each color related to a natural or religious element. Its origin is confusing, and different versions exist, each depending on what part or ethnic group of the Inca Empire it represents. Since 2009, the Aymara version has officially become the dual flag of Bolivia along with the classic red, yellow, and green banner. it now stands as a symbol of ethnical diversity.


Buchon: Carl Bookhart

Kingslayer Files

  • Bowman Briefing: "Carl Bookhart" - American mercenary, has trained Santa Blanca's troops into an elite military force.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "The Sicario's Oath" - Carl Bookhart takes his new sicarios through a murderous oath of loyalty to Santa Blanca.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "The Sicario Report" - Carl Bookhart reports on the success of his Sicario training program, which kills more recruits than it trains. But the ones who make it through are stone-cold assassins.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "Survival of the Fittest" - El Sueño and El Muro talk about how Carl Bookhart is training their new sicarios under real battlefield conditions. The ones who survive will be the strongest soldiers around.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "Bodyguards" - El Boquita asks Carl Bookhart to send him a few of his best sicarios as personal bodyguards.
    • Transcript:
  • Picture Evidence: "Carl Bookhart's Military ID" - The military ID for a "Carl Bookhart". File says he was wounded in Iraq in '05 when his patrol hit an IED in downtown Ramadi. He exhibited symptoms of PTSD and psychotic behaviors which led to his medical discharge in 2006.
  • Picture Evidence: "Warfare Tactics" - The official Santa Blanca Tactical Warfare Manual. Taking inspiration for US Special Forces handbooks, the author, Carl Bookhart, wrote this manual for the elite sicarios training in Montuyoc.
  • Picture Evidence: "Public Enemies" - The notoriety of the Ghosts is growing. Santa Blanca has put a bounty on their heads.

(Rough translation: "400,000 Bolivianos to whoever contributes exact data on this group of foreign mercenaries" "This is free expression, but in exchange, good money will be paid for silencing the muzzle on these assholes who think of themselves as heroes." "Refrain from bullshit. Appreciate Life.")

  • Picture Evidence: "Partners In Crime" - Carl Bookhart poses at a shooting range with his new friend, El Muro, head of the Security for the cartel.
  • Legend: "Túpac Katari (1750-81)" - Born into a poor Aymara family, Tupac Katari led a major indigenous rebellion against the Spanish Empire between 1780 and 1781. Followed by 40,000 supporters, along with his wife Bartolina Sisa, he twice laid siege to La Paz against the Spanish. Subsequently betrayed, he was arrested, tortured, and finally quartered on the 15th of November 1781. Just before dying, he said: "I die, but I will return as millions." He is now considered an early martyr of the indigenous struggle.
  • Legend: "Laguna Colorada" - Laguna Colorada, or Red Lagoon, is a shallow salt lake of some 60 square kilometers. It is located in southwestern Bolivia, in the Lipez area. Its peculiar color comes from a mix of red sediments and algae with white crystals of borax. The lagoon is an important mating site for pink flamingos. Local people traditionally come here to hunt them using bolas, a very efficient kind of throwing weapon made of stones on the ends of interconnected cords that entangle the long legs of the flamingos.
  • Legend: "El Condor y la Cholita" - According to legend, a condor once fell in love with a young cholita, a native girl, and turned into a young man to seduce her. However, the distrustful mother of the girl intervened and threw boiling water on the condor, burning its head and neck. the bird had to fly away but grabbed the girl and took her to its nest. The young captive later managed to escape, with the help of a wise little bird. The condor was left sad and alone, now bald from the top of its head to its shoulders.

Flor De OroEdit

Buchon: General Baro

  • Bowman Briefing: "General Baro" - Leader of Bolivia's La Unidad, in the cartel's pocket.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "Not By the Book" - El Sueño chews out General Baro for keeping his troops from pursuing the rebels into Peru. Unidad was created to contain the cartel, but Baro was forced to make a deal with the devil. Unidad lets Santa Blanca operate as long as no blood is shed and no cocaine is sold domestically.
  • Picture Evidence: "Unidad Organization Chart" - The organizational chart of Unidad with General Baro on top. Unidad was created to contain Santa Blanca when the cartel set foot in Bolivia. General Baro was forced to make a deal with El Sueño after a wave of cartel-related murders bloodied the country. Unidad lets Santa Blanca operate as long as no blood is shed and no cocaine is sold domestically.
  • Picture Evidence: "Obituary of Ruth Baro" - The Obituary of Ruth Baro, spouse of General Juan Baro and mother of Erendia Baro. She passed away in 2016, at age 61, after a long illness.
  • Legend: "Pachamama" - Pachamama is the Andean Earth goddess. She ensures protection and fertility for the people. She is one of the most popular gods in Bolivia. But she is also said to be jealous and desirous, requiring constant tokens of respect and offerings. There are many ways to honor her, and one frequent and simple ritual is to spill some liquor on the ground before drinking. it is called the Challa.
  • Legend
  • Legend
  • Legend
  • Legend

San MateoEdit

Buchon: El Pozolero

Kingslayer Files

  • Bowman Briefing: "El Pozolero" - Mysterious and feared, he disposes of dead bodies for the cartel.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "Judgment Day" - Judge Miguel Bardez makes one last call as the cartel targets him for daring to speak out against them.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "La Cancion del Pozolero" - El Pozolero sings a Mexican nursery rhyme as he dissolves a dead body.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "El Pozolero Narcorrido" - Part of El Chido's album for Santa Blanca, this is the corridor for El Pozolero.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "Dumb but Deadly" - El Muro and La Plaga discuss their feelings on El Pozolero.
    • Transcript:
  • Recording: "Dead End" - Remon Feliz tells his mother about the horrible things the cartel has made him do. She tries to convince him he only did it to protect their family.
    • Transcript:
  • Picture Evidence: "Mass disappearances" - A Barvecos Newspaper article about the wave of disappearances hitting San Mateo. In this region, Santa Blanca has hit the rebels harder than anywhere in Bolivia, kidnapping entire families of suspected rebels and detain them arbitrarily, sometimes for months.
  • Picture Evidence: "El Pozolero's Notebook" - El Pozolero deals in "waste management" for the cartel.
  • Picture Evidence: "Everyone can cook" - A delivery bound for chemical solvents. Possibly used to dissolve bones and flesh.
  • Picture Evidence: "Desaparecido" - A Missing Person poster for Miguel Baradez, a judge that mysteriously disappeared in San Mateo. Any information on him may help the police.
  • Legend: "Pishtacos" - According to folklore, the Pishtaco is a kind of vampire or bogeyman, typically from the Andes. described as a human-like figure with white skin and a pale face, he kidnaps lone travelers at night, sometimes killing them, in order to steal their body fat. Indeed, the body fat is important in the Andes because it is considered a sign of wealth and good health. Note that the Pistaco's description is a clear reference to Spanish and other European settlers.