Kataris 26
Logo Kataris26
Formed 2017
Headquarters Bolivia Bolivia
Leaders Amaru
"Pac Katari", and various other rebel officers and Leutenants.
Appearances Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

The Kataris 26 rebels are Bolivians who are opposed to the Santa Blanca drug cartel.

DEA agent and cartel infiltrator Ricky Sandoval recruited rebels to eliminate the cartel heads, but they were all killed, blowing his cover.

They are assisted by Nomad's Ghost Recon team once Operation Kingslayer starts.

After much of the cartel is destabilized, the rebels turn on the Ghosts so they can free the country without outside influence. The Ghosts race past rebel checkpoints to confront El Sueño in his mausoleum.

Members of Kataris 26Edit

Jimena Martins
Rubén Aguiar
Alejandro Pedraza
Juana Pedriel
Camila Montero
Pablo Cuéllar
Gabriel Pinto
Elena Botejo
Raúl Suárez
Mario Torrico
Carmelo Bejano
Marco Sánchez
Mariana Parrado
Mauricio Hurtado
Pedro Rodríguez
Fernando Escobar
Evita Álvarez
Augusto Vaca
Miguel Castro
Ángel Arracaista
Isabela Aragonés
Arturo Alcocer
Ricardo Díaz

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Players can assist the rebels as part of side-missions in the game. Known as rebel ops.
  • In the Ghost Recon network app, players can see Karen Bowman start the rebels in the game.
  • The rebels can be found around the map riding in pick ups and technicals with their coloring
    and symbol as well as the words "Luchar para Bolivia"
    Which translates to "Fight for Bolivia".