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Karen Bowman
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Age 44
Affiliations USAF USAF (former)
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
Occupation C.I.A. Agent
Rank USAF SSGT Staff Sergeant
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands

Karen Bowman is the name of the CIA undercover agent who was assigned as the lead contact for the Ghost Recon team in Operation Kingslayer in 2019. At the time, she had posed in her role as an known as Karen Bowman aid worker in Bolivia for five years.

She had previously briefed Lt. Colonel Scott Mitchell on ties between the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel and the Free State Amazonas, telling him they may have need of his operators as a last resort.

She was the lead agent for Ricky Sandoval, and sought revenge after he was killed by the Santa Blanca cartel.

She worked as a liaison between the Ghosts and the rebels.

Her previous experience included working in Moscow at the time of the coup, where it was rumored that the Ghosts had intervened.


She goes undercover to Bolivia posing as an aid worker.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Players who use the Ghost Recon network app can step into her role as she starts the Kataris 26 rebels.
  • She is played by Austin Highsmith.


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