Jungle Crashsite
Jungle Crashsite
Location Sri Lanka
Objective 1. Destroy surface-to-air threats
2. Rendezvous with the Night Eagle crew at the LZ
Game Ghost Recon Predator
Previous Mission: Loyalist Base
Next Mission: Local Contact

Jungle Crashsite is the seventh mission conducted by The Ghosts during the Sri Lankan conflict.

Mitchell - Checkmate! Checkmate! We've been grounded!

We've got multiple SAMs in the area! We can't lift off...

Checkmate, you'll have take care of those SAMs. We'll hold the LZ until you get here...

Briefing: Edit

Checkmate - Our scans show that you've been shot down just short of our original Rendezvous point, an abandoned Monastery. We'll hold our position inside the Monastery until you get here.

Hostile search parties are moving in on your location, and we can't lift off until those SAMs are taken care of, so make sure they're out of order!


1. Rendezvous with the Night Eagle crewEdit


The Ghost team has crash-landed here. Take out those SAM sights and rendezvous near this location.

2. Destroy surface-to-air threatsEdit


Loyalists have SAMs in the area. We won't be able to extract unless you take them out.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M7 Jungle Crashsite14:21

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M7 Jungle Crashsite

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