Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Affiliations US Army logo United States Army
Occupation Pilot
Rank First Lieutenant insignia Lieutenant
Appearances GRAW

Lieutenant Josh Rosen is a helicopter crewman in Blackhawk 5. He briefs Captain Scott Mitchell while in Blackhawk 5 during the Mexican rebellion in 2013 and gives him intelligence about the conflict. In the rebellion, Blackhawk 5 is shot down by enemy artillery fire, and Rosen goes missing. He is found captive and then rescued by Mitchell in a heavily-defended, mercenary-controlled hacienda. After this, Rosen continues to serve his role as a crewman of the Blackhawk 5, as well as an intel provider. With Rosen's intel from being captive, as well as the intel from the Mexican journalists, the Americans are finally able to locate the locations of the last two nuclear weapons. Rosen is later heard reassuring a wounded Scott that he will survive, and can be seen lowering down from the sky in the Blackhawk 5.

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