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The Joint Strike Force is a branch of the United States of America military. It's motto is "high speed, low drag." It was formed as a combination of all special forces[1] and grew out of the Group for Specialized Tactics.[2] The JSF excels in precision firepower and can rapidly deploy anywhere in the world. Moreover, its stealth technology and weapons accuracy are second-to-none. It was formed by 2021 under the command of General Scott Mitchell.[1]

The JSF defended the launch of the FreedomStar lifter, launched a raid in Copenhagen, and fought the World War III against the Spetznaz Guard Brigade and the European Enforcers.[1]

The Ghosts still existed alongside the JSF during World War III. Ghost Captain Alexander Brent was reassigned to the JSF Academy following a failed mission.[3]


The Joint Strike Force is the American faction in Ubisoft Entertainment's 2008 video game EndWar and the novel Tom Clancy's EndWar.


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