Jack Stone
Stone face
Biographical information
Nationality UK English
Born September 30, 1975
Birth place Kensington, London
Family Thomas (father)
Claudine (mother)
Affiliations SAS SAS
Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon
Occupation Soldier
Rank UK SGT Sergeant
Class Sniper
Appearances Ghost Recon
Island Thunder
Physical description
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (82 kg)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
"Why yes, I did shoot him. And him. And her. And the car. It seemed the appropriate response, considering the circumstances."
— Stone's Specialist quote

Sergeant Jack Stone is a Ghost sniper serving in the Eritrea, Cuban, and Colombian conflicts. He may also have served with the Ghosts in the Russian war of 2008.


Early LifeEdit

Jack Stone was born September 30, 1975 in Kensington, London to his parents, Thomas, a retired diplomat, and mother Claudine, who died in 1990, a French national. His family lived comfortably off their investments. He attended Southbank International School as a charter student before studying for two years at Oxford. He dropped out of school and enlisted in 1996.

Military careerEdit

Scored highest marks ever recorded on initial marksmanship test and trained as a sniper. Recruited by SAS in 2000. Saw his first field action in 2003 as part of advance force sent in during Eritrea peacekeeping mission. Captured by guerrillas November 3, 2003. Escaped and killed his captors November 6, 2003, and walked 45 km to friendly territory. Reassigned and attached to the Ghosts on March 16, 2005.

He may have served with the Ghosts in the 2008 Russian war and the Colombian conflict two years later.


Stone is quiet, methodical and efficient - perfect traits for a sniper. He speaks English and French with equal facility, as his parents spoke both at home and insisted he be fluent in each. His relationship with his father is cool at best, as he suspects his father has tried to arrange favors for him rather than let him advance on his own merits. Stone is something of a straight arrow, as he does not drink or smoke (though he does play poker, which he regards as an exercise in applied mathematics, with devastating efficiency). His sense of humor is dry to the point of being arid, and no one - especially not Stone himself - is safe from his acid wit. Henry Ramirez is perhaps his best friend among the Ghosts, but even he can't get Stone to discuss his experiences in Eritrea.

Gallery Edit


  • His outfit is not the standard gillie suit worn by most Ghost snipers and is instead an outfit similar to the Demolition experts.
  • Jack Stone is one of the unlockable specialists in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.

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