Ivan Illitch Kerenski
Biographical information
Born December 20, 1995
Birth place Tubinskiy
Death place Moscow
Affiliations Ultranationalists
Occupation War criminal
Appearances Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer

Ivan Illitch Kerenski is the leader of the Russian ultranationalist crackdown on the resistance, some time during the Raven's Rock coup (himself being a member of the organization).

Here is his profile as we can seen in Pepper's Cross Com:

Ivan Illitch Kerenski
Nationalist War Criminal
Born : 12/20/1995 Tubinskiy
Height : 6'1 ft
Weight : 227 lbs
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Bald
The N.U.T.D has issued a covert clearance to Ivan Illitch Kerenski
He was found guilty on all accounts of genocide, rape, arson, theft. He is currently active in the region of Moscow, Russia, and is suspected to have resumed his slaughters after his escape from the N.U.T.D prison. He is believed to possess the prototype unit of the Russian UGCV Class K Ground Drone.

He was shot down by Ghost Pepper with a M107 Barret at about 3300 yards with a direct hit to the heart in Operation "Take Down Overlord".



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