Invisible Bear
Invisible Bear
Location Europe, Russia, Moscow
Date July 21, 2024 / 17:14 Hours
Objective Support Resistance forces in their push to Moscow
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Gallant Thief
Next Operation: Shattered Mountain

Invisible Bear is the eleventh mission conducted by the Ghost Team.


Scott Mitchell: President Volodin will never publicly acknowledge your role in his rescue. Hopefully his return to power will be thanks enough. If not,well... I'll buy you a round. In the meantime, Douka's people are pushing into Moscow. We're sending you in to support them. The crowd should draw most of the attention. I want your team to shadow the procession, and make sure their way is clear. Once they're secure, we're going after Raven's Rock's military head. General Bukharov is on site, coordinating final efforts. This will be a victory for the people of Russia. We're not here to save the country for them, but we'll sure as hell do what we can to make sure they win.

Lt. Kirk Graham: We won't be able to catch all of Raven's Rock in Moscow, but there's one solid target: General Mikhail Bukharov. He's organizing the city defenses out of the old FSB headquarters, and if you move fast, you can bag him.

Gear Edit

SMSgt. Marcus Kelso: A grenade launcher gives you firepower and versatility. Frag, EMP, smoke - the more options you have, the more effective you're gonna be.

Moscow's solid. So are those Bodark assholes. You'll need serious firepower for this one, maybe a grenade launcher to go with it.

Walkthrough Edit





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