Inca Camina
Inca Camina
Main Town Julpe Alto
Ecosystem Highlands
Map Inca Camina
Inca Camina is a Bolivian province where the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel buys the cocaine from the Peruvian gangs. The smuggling buchon, La Cabra is also located here, only if you have the Peruvian Connection DLC, though. Inca Camina is a large province mostly covered with snow and large mountains. 

Inca Camina is described as:
The snow-capped, highest province in Bolivia.

It is located in the bottom left corner and is surrounded by Montuyoc from the north and Pucara and Malca from the east.

The following missions take place in Inca Camina:


This province is geographically one of the highest in Bolivia. Located on the west mountain chain, it peaks at more than 5000 meters. Life conditions there are extreme. The only possible activity in lower areas is llama breeding, an activity exercised by the few present inhabitants.

Three small villages are nested in the heart of incised valleys. Juper Alto and Inca Chaca shelter more llamas than human beings. Nuevo Mundo is the most recent and elevated village. It was created by refugees fleeing Santa Blanca extractions. In the heart of mountains, without roads nor paths, they feel safe. They constructed their village with wreckage (from aircraft, among others) discovered on the mountain.

Inca Camina has many mountain passes leading to Peru. Remains of Incan roads exist in this province. One of these roads lead to Incan ruins, a little post at the frontier of the ancient empire. Today railroads go through these passes and lead to Peru.

These railroads and a frontier of Peru with little surveillance have attracted Nidia Flores’ attention. The Santa Blanca has been buying a part of its cocaine in Peru for a long time. The main issue they encountered was the surveillance on the borders, reinforced by the DEA. But this railroad in the heart of mountains allowed drugs to enter into Bolivia with almost no control.

Nidia made La Cabra responsible for working with Peruvian gangs to make the new cocaine import chain operational. Today, several tons of cocaine enter Bolivia through Inca Camina trains. La Cabra has to spend time at Inca Camina to make sure the import chain is operational.

The Santa Blanca has occupied a shunting yard in order to receive its merchandise and has installed outposts to monitor railroads.


The challenge for “El Yeti” can also be found in this province.