The ICQB .45 pistol is a variant of the M1911 used by Ghost Recon.


Ghost ReconEdit

The ICQB is featured in the multiplayer mode of GRAW 2. It can be equipped with a suppressor, and is arguably one of the more powerful handguns in the game; the ICQB usually takes two or even one well placed round to kill an enemy. However, it lacks the range, rate of fire, and magazine size of the multiple assault rifles featured in the game, making it impractical in a large scale firefight.

Real-world developmentEdit

The MARSOC ICQB pistol is a Kimber Custom semi-automatic handgun chambered for the powerful .45ACP cartridge, designed and created for the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. These weapons feature an ambidextrous thumb safety, lanyard loop, internal extractor, and a Wilson Combat magazine that can hold seven or eight rounds (seven in the game).