Guram Osadze
Guram Osadze face
Biographical information
Nationality Georgia Georgian
Born February 7, 1973
Birth place Gori, Georgia
Family Georgi (father)
Irina (mother)
Affiliations Georgian Army Georgian Army
US Army logo United States Army

Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon

Occupation Soldier
Class Support
Appearances Ghost Recon
GRFS (Mentioned only)
Physical description
Height 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight 212 lbs (96 kg)
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
"It was very considerate of our friends to provide me with so many targets, do you not think?"
— Osadze's Specialist quote

Sergeant Guram Osadze is a Georgian Heavy Weapons specialist who may have served with the Ghosts in the Russian war of 2008.


Guram Osadze was born on February 7, 1973 in Gori, GSR. His father Georgi, who died in 1994, and mother Irina, who died in 1992, were government bureaucrats. Osadze joined the Georgian army in 1991, shortly after its independence. He was involved in botched attempts to transports displaced Abkhaz civilians, and later saw action against Abkhazi irregulars. He was trained in heavy weapons usage, specializing in anti-tank operations. He saw additional action in the Ajaria and the Javakheti district, including facing Russian "observers" on two occasions. He stayed loyal to central Georgian government and took part in several actions against independent militias. Osadze was attached to the Ghosts in 2002 as part of an increased cooperative effort between the United States and Georgia.

He may have served with the Ghosts as a Heavy Weapons specialist in the Russian war of 2008.

Years later, his brother was rescued by the Ghost's Hunter Team around the time of the Raven's Rock coup and mentioned Guram.


Osadze is fiercely patriotic toward his homeland, and has a long-standing resentment against anyone - Abkhaz, Russian, Ossetian or anyone else - who would move against it. His parents were career bureaucrats who were instrumental in the transition from Soviet Republic to independence, instilling in their son an unshakable loyalty to the idea of a free Georgia. Georgi Osadze was later gunned down by members of one of the many unaffiliated militias that sprang into being in the early 1990s, and this fact is never far from Guram's mind. Guram has a particular dislike for the Russian military, which he blames for fostering dissent in the autonomous regions of Georgia. Off-duty, he is friendly, gregarious and boisterous, even going so far as to get Captain Grey to crack the odd smile. Osadze's English is poor, but rapidly improving. He has few interests outside of his work and regional politics, but he will passionately debate anyone so foolish as to bring up the topic. However, he does have a particular weakness for American rap music, which he insists on playing at ear-splitting volume. He also has a tattoo of the Georgian flag on left bicep.

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