War Within the Cartel is the short film prequel to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands focusing on Ricky Sandoval, a DEA undercover agent.


The head of the cartels receive live-action actors based on their characters in the game.

Another character includes Marcus Jensen, a scientist in the cartel played by T.I.

It premiered on February 16, 2017 on Ubisoft Entertainment's Twitch channel.




As several of the heads of the cartel meet at Nidia Flores' mansion, they are attacked by Kataris 26 rebels. El Muro reviews security footage and it shows that the head of finance for the cartel, Ricky Sandoval, is actually an undercover DEA agent.

Sandoval and his wife Monica flee the cartel and try to reach the extraction point, but Sandoval sacrificed himself so Monica could escape, and was captured and brought before El Sueño.

After Santa Blanca attacked the US Embassy in Bolivia, Agent Bowman asks for the Ghosts to be brought in. As Sandoval's torture and eventual death begins, he asks the cartel heads "if they believe in Ghosts".