Ghost Recon Phantoms Webcomic serves as a prequel to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms.

Chapter One: Let the Games BeginEdit

The Ghosts are tracking the theft of ATHENA Corp. plans in the Xinyi district. Teams Yankee and Zulu were deployed to Kobe Bio and Robytech's center. To the Ghosts, the break-in did not match the usual methods of Raven's Rock, and the thieves had the security codes. When team Yankee arrives in the office, they find a message that says: "Come out and play Ghosts".

Chapter Two: Best Laid PlansEdit

The Phantoms are being pursued by the Ghost team. They leave one wounded member behind. The Phantoms start Phase Two as the Ghosts arrive.

Chapter ThreeEdit

They chase the team up to the rooftops, where they escape via helicopter, but not before the Ghost sniper shoots at a Phantom, causing him to drop their package.

Chapter Four: A Captive AudienceEdit

The Ghosts return to base and the interrogation of Virgil begins.

Chapter Five: Khyber Assault - Part 1 and 2Edit

Acting on info gleaned from Virgil, they assault the Phantom's base in Khyber province. Bard's team manages to escape.

Chapter Six: The Phantom ConnectionEdit

The Ghosts investigate Bard's dogtags, discovering a connection to Omega Company, but are captured.

Chapter Seven: A Bond Brother's Bond Edit

Bard begins a rescue of the Ghosts by sneaking in and fighting the way out. They make it to a helicopter while being pursued by Omega Company.

Chapter Eight: The DiversionEdit

Yankee Team and the Phantoms infiltrate the Athena company. The Phantoms place a virus to allow the Ghosts to stage a HALO drop onto the building, but the Phantoms come under attack.


The end of Chapter Four is thematically linked to the game's 1.3.0 update trailer and Splinter Cell content pack.




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