Ghost Recon: Alpha is a 2012 live action movie prequel to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It has been released free on Xbox Live and other services as a promotional video. The movie is 21 minutes long and showcases an anonymous team of Ghosts including 30K and Pepper.


The Ghosts must assassinate a set of Russian military officials in Chelyabinsk province, Russia. The Ghosts infiltrate Sokolov's base by driving in Dimitri's truck. After the Russian officials are killed, the Ghosts move to secure six rogue nuclear devices and act as EOD operators, until they are interrupted by a group of cloaked troopers. This group also has an assault drone. After a short firefight, the Ghosts are one man down and have regrouped. After a helicopter removes the two active nuclear devices, the story shows a view of London, England, and fades to black with, "To be continued."






  • The film was filmed in Ostrava, Czech Republic at a UNESCO historical factory.
  • The film was directed by François Alaux and Hervé de Crécy.
  • Harry Humphries acted as a military adviser, and Daniel Pemberton composed the score.



Ghost Recon Alpha - Official HD Trailer UK

Ghost Recon Alpha - Official HD Trailer UK