Gamma Dawn
Gamma Dawn
Location Denakil Desert, Ethiopia
Date June 11, 2009 / 23:00 Hours
Objective 1. Place Demo Charges at Crash Sites
2. Secure Enemy Base
3. Reach Extraction Zone
X. Secure Supply Depot
Game Ghost Recon: Desert Siege
Previous Operation: Quiet Angel
Next Operation: Spectre Wind

Gamma Dawn is the fifth mission conducted by The Ghosts during the Eritrean War in 2009.


We have a potentially delicate situation on our hands. Officially, once Washington shut down the SR-71, we haven't had a high-speed manned reconnaissance aircraft. Unofficially, it's called Aurora and one just went down deep in the heart of the Denakil. We need to destroy the wreckage before the locals get their hands on it. The last thing we need is for whatever's left of our classified aircraft to go on the international auction block, with Col. Wolde banging the gavel. The good news is that the region's been blanketed under a sandstorm until recently. That means that the Ethiopian troops in the area haven't had a chance to salvage the wreckage. Our best estimate is that there are three significant chunks of the Aurora left, scattered along the length of a dry riverbed. Find them and plant charges on each. They'll be detonated 30 seconds after you plant them, so move quickly. You'll also want to take out the Ethiopian outpost nearby. We don't think that they've managed to salvage anything, but it never hurts to be sure. Take the site and then get out of there. Return to your insertion zone for pickup. Assuming the weather stays clear, the choppers will be there in a hurry. There's also a small supply dump in the area. If you can take it without too much risk, do it. Be warned, though - enemy light armor's been spotted in the area. It's been immobilized by the storm, but now that the weather's cleared you're likely to run into it, and sooner rather than later.


After an Aurora was shot down, the Ghosts were deployed to secure the wreckage. The operatives planted explosives at the site and then secured a nearby enemy outpost before extracting.



Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Desert Siege mission Gamma Dawn success00:10

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Desert Siege mission Gamma Dawn success

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Desert Siege - Gamma Dawn11:59

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Desert Siege - Gamma Dawn


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