Gallant Thief
Gallant Thief
Location Asia, Russia, Primorsky Krai
Date July 17, 2024 / 23:19 Hours
Objective Infiltrate black prison and extract Russian President Volodin
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Valiant Hammer
Next Operation: Invisible Bear

Gallant Thief is the tenth mission conducted by the Ghost Team.


Scott Mitchell: You guys risked a lot for General Douka. Bet you made it work, and it's paying off. I'm damn proud of you. The resistance is making a strong push, rallying around Douka. But Raven's Rock still has an ace in the hole. President Volodin's locked up in a black prison, near borders even we don't dare cross. If the Loyalists are going to restore their government, they need proper authority to do it with. General Douka has a force standing by to transport Volodin back to Moscow. We just need to go get him. Kozak, you're taking point. You'll infiltrate the prison, locate President Volodin, and bring him out.

Lt. Kirk Graham: About a third of the legit Russian government's been liquidated or "shot trying to escape". The Raven's Rock is keeping on ice at prisons around the country. President Volodin's one of the lucky ones, sort of - they're keeping him alive until they can trot him out to legitimize the new government. He hasn't cracked - yet - but getting him out of there's a win for everyone.

Gear Edit

SMSgt. Marcus Kelso: For an op like this, you want quick and quiet for up close work. An SMG will do the trick. But for when all hell breaks loose, you'll want a rifle with a tactical scope as backup.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission in the game where AI teammates aren't available.