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The G-36K is a carbine used by Ghost Recon and Mexican rebels. It is available in regular carbine versions and a light machine gun variant.



The G36K (K for kurz or short in German) is a carbine version of the G36 Rifle, and is in service with the German Special Forces (KSK- Kommando Spezialkräfte). It has a shorter barrel than the G36 and a shorter handguard. It has the ability to mount the AG36 under-barrel grenade launcher, via a bottom rail under the handguard. It is the German Special Forces main weapon.

Role in Ghost ReconEdit

The G36K has been one of the feature weapons in the Ghost Recon series, starting with the original Ghost Recon (where it was used by Susan Grey as the "5.56mm Carbine". It is called the "36K" Carbine in-game except for GRAW 2 In GRAW and GRAW 2, the G36K is the standard rifle for the Mexican rebels and Loyalists. This is following in accordance with the eventual licensing and acquisition of G36's into the Mexican Military by the year 2009.

Its extremely high rate of fire is useful when you need suppressive fire and limits the disadvantage of being caught off guard. It also has a laser sight which makes aiming much easier.

It is inaccurate at long ranges and has relatively weak rounds, usually taking 3-4 rounds on all difficulties.


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