Biographical information
Nickname G1U
Affiliations US Army logo United States Army
Phantoms Phantoms
Occupation Soldier
Class Recon Class
Appearances Ghost Recon Phantoms Webcomic

"G1U" is the callsign of a member of the Phantoms, named after a famous general. He is active in the near future, and is part of Shadow Team in the raid on the Xinyi District. His team stole the package, but lost it as they tried to evacuate on a helicopter.

Bard favors the Scan technology and the P90. He is considered to be a silent killing machine, first into battle and a master at gathering intelligence. He is used to carrying his team but has little patience for slower teammates.

Personality Edit

Virgil is the killing machine - first in the fray and intel master.

Named after the defied general for his tactical genius, G1U is accustomed to carrying his team, but lacks patience for slow teammates.


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