Frederik Sundstrom
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish
Born December 5, 1982
Birth place Uppsala, Sweden
Family Henrik (father)

Anneke (mother)

Affiliations Swed Army Swedish Army
Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon
Occupation Soldier
Rank Swed 1stSgt Förste Sergeant
Class Demolition
Appearances Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Physical description
Height 6'00" (182 cm)
Weight 176 lbs (80kg)
"This will all turn out for the best. Eventually."
— Sundstrom's Specialist quote

Frederik Sundstrom is a Swedish Ghost demolitions operative who may have served in the 2010 Colombian conflict.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Frederik Sundstrom was born December 5, 1982 in Uppsala, Sweden. Father Henrik (d. 1999) was an accountant, mother Anneke had retired from a professional tennis career to become a homemaker. Conscripted into Swedish military at age 18 and was selected for training in the Regular Officer Programme at Karlberg. Graduated 3rd in his class. Volunteered for duty with the Overseas Force.

Military career Edit

He was assigned to KS07 in Kosovo and served with distinction. Awarded Swedish Armed Forces Medal for Overseas Service and promoted to Löjtnant  (Lieutenant). Applied for and was accepted into elite Fallskarmsjagare unit (airborne rangers) in 2005. Graduated from training in 2006. Attached to Ghosts as a military observer in September, 2008. Fought in tail end of Russian campaign and was commended by both US and Swedish commands for bravery. Rotation with Ghosts was extended as part of training exchange through the end of 2010.

Personality Edit

Sundstrom keenly aware that he represents his country's military. He is extremely formal and proper. While he's been around the Ghosts long enough to be accepted as part of the group, he still feels somewhat separated, in large part because his tour of duty with the unit is winding down. Sundstrom speaks Swedish, English and Russian, and can curse in Finnish. He's a strict teetotaler, much to the surprise of several of the other Ghosts, and patiently and tirelessly punctures their long-held misconceptions about what life in Sweden is really like. He's something of a longer, an avid outdoorsman who prefers being alone in the woods to just about anything else. In the field, he is steady, calm and collected. This has earned him the nickname "The Glacier," which he hates.

Gallery Edit


  • Frederik Sundstrom is one of the unlockable specialists in Jungle Storm.


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