Location Sri Lanka
Objective 1. Capture or Kill Ranga
2. Cut power to the Villa to disable alarms
3. Neutralize security officer
4. Destroy the enemy helicopter
Game Ghost Recon Predator
Previous Mission: Rescue

Estate is the twelfth mission conducted by The Ghosts during the Sri Lankan conflict.

Briefing: Edit

Mitchell - HRT got the President and Prime Minister home safely. They've already contacted the White House, and the President's putting together a press conference as we speak. You did a helluva job, Ghosts.

Sunil Ranga. We've been running all over this island trying to find who started this thing. And the whole time, he's been right under our nose. We're going to pay him a visit at his doorstep. We're heading into Ranga's estate to do some liberating.

There's a lot of activity on the ground... looks like he's trying to get the hell out of Dodge. It's obviously heavily-guarded though, so if you're gonna knock on the door, make sure you take a big enough hammer.

We finally cracked those codes we snagged from the comm hub. We can pretty much tap directly into their comms. Should make it easier to keep track of what's going on down there.

EMF scan gives us a hotspot here, east of the estate. I'm guessing that's where the juice comes in. Taking this down will shut down the security systems and allow you to enter the estate.

There's a helipad up here, to the north, with a chopper and, uh, looks like, a fuel truck. Probably prepping for take-off.

Weather you capture or eliminate is a tactical decision I leave to the team. Let's wrap it up, Ghosts.


1. Capture or Kill RangaEdit


This is Ranga's estate. Expect some heavy resistance. Try to recon the situation from here before moving in.

2. Neutralize security officerEdit

Ranga's Officer

Ranga's running beefed up security out of a temporary communication center. You'll find one of Ranga's commanding officers here. Assaulting this position will disrupt coordination of the on-site security teams.

3. Destroy the enemy helicopterEdit


This is the helipad. Destroying the chopper will cripple Ranga's primary escape route.

4. Cut power to the Villa to disable alarmsEdit


EMF scan gives us a hotspot here, east of the estate. It looks like this the main building gets its power from here. You'll need to destroy it to gain access to the estate.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M12 Estate13:01

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M12 Estate

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