Gonzalo Yana
Biographical information
Nationality Bolivia Bolivian
Born October 19, 1994
Birth place Bahía Floresta, Bolivia
Died 2019
Death place Ocoro, Bolivia
Cause of death Suicide
Affiliations Santa Blanca Cartel
Role Production manager
Family El Yayo (grandfather)
El Emisario (The Emissary), real name Gonzalo Yana, is a production manager for Santa Blanca Drug Cartel and is located in Ocoro. Since Ocoro is the biggest cocaine producer and El Emisario is the grandson to El Yayo, he doesn't spend much time in the province and instead spends most of his time doing whatever he wants, so when something goes wrong he usually relies on other buchons like Marcus Jensen to help him with his job.

Gonzalo is a leader of his people and a powerful businessman. He doesn't like the violence and the blood, but he tells himself that it's not his problem. From a traditional Cocaleros Family of the Aymara culture, he believes the coca plant is sacred and if you corrupt it with chemicals the plant will harm you. For them cocaine is not a gift, it is the punishment in disguise, and not their responsibility.

His grandfather, El Yayo, founded the first coca-workers Union back in the '60s. Through the union, his grandpa got control of 80% of the coca leaf production in the country. El Yayo was considered the first Emisario, as he produced coca leaves to sell to the highest bidder. Gonzalo was always by his side growing up, he felt the power and respect the people had for his grandfather. So, when El Yayo started to grow old he passed the torch to Gonzalez because he was the oldest male family member. He knows everything about farming coca and he knows everyone his grandfather does business with. Some of the people he deals with now knew him as a child.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • El Emisario is the youngest buchon in the cartel.
  • Defeating El Emisario will reward the player with the BFF and 3 skill points.
  • El Emisario is 1 of 2 buchons that are "deceased", the other is Ramon Feliz.