El Cerebro (Mission)
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province Caimanes
Target El Cerebro
Mission Objectives - Reach El Cerebro's assistant without being detected
- Tail El Cerebro's assistant, remain undetected
- Capture El Cerebro
- Extract El Cerebro to Caimanes Bravo

El Cerebro (Mission) is the final mission in the Caimanes province and takes place once all of the other missions are complete.


After destroying El Cerebro's submarines and stealing his schematics, Karen Bowman calls Nomad to inform him that they have a location on El Cerebro's assistant. The Ghosts then follow him to the location of El Cerebro.

We've got a location on El Cerebro's chief assistant. He could be out best chance to get out hands on the mad scientist himself. Get to the assistant and extract El Cerebro.
---Karen Bowman giving mission debriefing to Nomad

Mission DescriptionEdit

The intel we've obtained in Caimanes has allowed us to ID El Cerebro. His current location is unknown, but we do have a solid fix on his assistant. We need to get eyes on the assistant and tail him until he leads to El Cerebro, then extract him.

When complete:
The extraction was successful, but El Cerebro outsmarted us again. The man we grabbed turned out to be a decoy. El Cerebro is in the wind, but his sub program in Caimanes has been shut down for good.

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