Eagle Clarion
Eagle Clarion
Location Columbia
Date October 13, 2010 / 10:00 Hours
Objective 1. Defend UN Encampment

2. Recover Intel and Decryption Key
3. Force Officer to Transmit Code
4. Destroy Radio Tower

Game Ghost Recon Jungle Storm
Previous Operation: Whisper Shadow

Operation Eagle Clarion is a mission conducted by Ghost Recon in 2010. It is the eighth operation during the Colombia conflict against the MFLC.

Briefing Edit

This is it, people, the grand finale. We've pinpointed the MFLC's main encampment, and once we take it out, this fight is over.

Unfortunately, we can't just bomb it into powder. There's a twist, and it's a nasty one. A former rebel fighter in Cuba just came in out of the cold and told the government there that there are still sleeper cells in place all over the country. They're under orders to mount simultaneous, widespread terror attacks unless they get a radio call telling them to hold. The only place we know the hold code is kept? You guessed it - the MFLC's main base.

We've already got some UN peacekeeper units dug in near there, and your first objective will be to help them out. Once you've finished supporting their position, infiltrate the camp itself. You'll be looking for two things at first: intel documents with the stop code for the sleeper cells, and the code that will let you read them.

Your last set of objectives is the most important one: the base's radio tower. Find it, secure it, and get to the communications center so you can send out that hold code. There's always a rebel officer on duty at the comm. center, and you'll need to keep him alive to send the signal for you. Once the signal's sent you can blow the place to flinders, but make sure you send the stop code first. Otherwise, a lot of people are going to die, and all the good work we did in Cuba will be undone. Good luck.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Operation Eagle Clarion00:10

Ghost Recon Jungle Storm Operation Eagle Clarion

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