The EMP grenade (or the Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade) is a non-lethal grenade used by soldiers in Ghost Recon. It is a thrown weapon that creates an unstable field of electromagnetic energy that disables all enemy and friendly equipment that responds to EMP surges, within the grenade's blast radius. The grenade was used by a four-man Ghost team call-signed Hunter to disable hostile technology.

Introduction Edit

The EMP grenade was introduced in GRFS as a next-generation grenade for "temporarily frying" military equipment, first appearing in Operation: Silent Talon, a mission in GRFS wherein the ghosts will have to secure, control and finish a missile storage facility owned by an unknown organization. The EMP grenade will be rendered useless on it's first appearance since no important hostile equipment can be disabled by the grenade. It will remain one of the available grenades used in the game after Silent Talon.

Effects Edit

According to Senior Master Sergeant Marcus Kelso, the EMP grenade is a "grenade that will temporarily fry any electronics in it's pulse radius."


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

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