Dieter Munz
Dieter Munz face
Biographical information
Nationality Germany German
Born November 11, 1968
Birth place Stuttgart,Germany
Family Helmut (father)
Ilse (mother)
Affiliations German Army Bundeswehr
Ghosts Logo Ghost Recon
EWO EFEC (2020)
Occupation Soldier
Rank German SSGT Feldwebel
German Colonel Oberst (2020)
Class Support
Appearances Ghost Recon
Desert Siege
EndWar Online
Physical description
Height 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Grey
"Do you really want me to do that? You do? Then I suggest you find an observation point with a very sturdy roof. Now."
— Munz's Specialist quote

Fw. Dieter Munz is a Support operator who may have served with the Ghosts in the 2008 Russian war and and the 2009 Eritrean war.


Dieter Munz was born November 11, 1968 in Stuttgart, Germany. His father, Helmut, was an automobile mechanic who died in 1989, and mother Ilse worked in retail and died in 1994. Dieter achieved average marks in school and spent much of his free time working with his father and achieved a high degree of technical expertise. He spent two years working as an auto mechanic before joining the Border Police and transferred to regular Army a year later. Recruited for GSG-9 in 1994. Spent three years with GSG-9/1 before transferring out, in large part because of his preference for heavy weaponry. Specializes in the M136, and keeps meticulous track of each tank and other vehicle he takes out. Assigned to work with the Ghosts in 2006.

Personality and traitsEdit

Munz speaks English and German, though all attempts to teach him French have failed miserably. He is quietly efficient and rarely responds in more than monosyllables unless he is being ordered to do something extraordinarily stupid. His reluctance to engage in conversation and disinterest in anything except cars and the work at hand gives Munz a reputation for being somewhat aloof, one that he does nothing to dispel. He occasionally talks about retiring back to the Border Police to run their motor pool, and often grouses about the state of the vehicles he is assigned to work with. Munz is still uncomfortable working with most of the other Ghosts, and spends what little social time he takes with Fw. Klaus Henkel, the other German attached to the unit.

Gallery Edit


  • Dieter Munz is one of the unlockable specialists in the first Ghost Recon game.
  • Completing Ghost Recon 1's Mission 11 on Elite will unlock the M60 Light Machine Gun.


Appearances in other Tom Clancy mediaEdit

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