Deep Fire
Deep Fire
Location Arctic, Barents Sea,
West of Shtokman Oil Field
Date June 2, 2024 / 20:55 Hours
Objective Secure drilling ships for Russian Resistance forces
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Ember Hunt
Next Operation: Valiant Hammer

Deep Fire is the eighth mission conducted by the Ghost Team.


Scott Mitchell: I know things went sideways in Dagestan. Believe me, I wouldn't be sending your team out again so soon if we could avoid it. Raven's Rock just came out of the shadows, full force. The group must've been preparing for this moment for years. Now they've taken the Kremlin, and with it, the country. We've ID's two major players. The first is General Bukharov. He's running the military arm of the coup. The other is the new "president", Sergey Makhmudov. Raven's Rock has secured remarkable stability in a short time. Resistance forces are fighting back, but they're critically short of fuel supplies. We're going to give 'em a little lift. Forces loyal to General Bukharov have seized drilling ships in the North Sea, and may have sabotaged them. We need your team to secure the facilities.

Lt. Kirk Graham: Russia's been starving for oil for a while - Nigeria makes a lot more sense now - and that's not going to change under Raven's Rock. The down side is that the soldiers who didn't sign on with the new regime are critically short of fuel. We've got some lines of communication open with them, but without oil, Raven's Rock is going to strangle them before they get started.

Gear Edit

SMSgt. Marcus Kelso: You've got a lot of unknown variables going into this one. Take an LSAT with X-ray optics. That'll let you spot and drop targets through metal walls. And one more thing: you drop any of my gear overboard, you're going in after it.

Walkthrough Edit





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