Dante Cruzar
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of Brazil.svg Brazilian
Died c. 2019
Death place Northern District, Bolivia
Affiliations Los Extranjeros
Occupation Mercenary, district commander
Rank Captain
Appearances Ghost Recon Wildlands
"Not to get biblical, but these people need delivered from evil."
Socrates on Cruzar

Captain Dante Cruzar, also known as O Diabo (The Devil) is former Brazilian Military Police officer and a commander in the Los Extranjeros mercenary unit operating in Bolivia. Cruzar uses brutal methods to make the inhabitants believe that they don't stand a chance against Los Extranjeros.


After Nomad's Ghost Recon team provoked him by tearing through his operation, he then attacked a rebel base, killing all of the rebels there, before giving a message to the Ghosts to meet him at the church, that is where Nomad's team killed him.