The Cx4 Storm is a carbine. It can be used as a paintball gun.


Real-world developmentEdit

Developed by Beretta, the Cx4 was designed to be used in conjunction with, and have similar controls as, other Beretta pistols. For example, the magazines designed for the Beretta 92FS (M9), can be used with the Cx4. Multiple variants of the Cx4 are chambered for 9mm, 45. ACP and 40 S@W cartridges. It shares the same designation system as the Rx4 and Px4.

Cx4's have a Picatinny that rail that extends under the forearm and barrel and a side rail, allowing the Cx4 to accept multiple attachments such as optics, foregrips and flashlights. A maximum of 5 rails can be attached.

In Ghost Recon Edit

The Cx4 appears in GRAW 2 alongside the Rx4 and Px4, as a secondary weapon. In the Ghost Recon novel, a paintball mocked-up as the Cx4 is used during a Robin Sage exercise.



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