Culta's Prisoner
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province Itacua
Target Rebel prisoner
Mission Objectives - Reach Culta village
- Talk to the rebel prisoner

Culta's Prisoner is the third mission in the Itacua province and takes place shortly after Rebellion Rising.

Overview Edit

After capturing the convoy and defending the radio, Pac Katari informs Nomad on a captured rebel in the village known as Culta. Nomad agrees to free the rebel to get the location of La Yuri and El Polito.

A captured rebel being held in the village of Culta might have valuable intel on La Yuri and El Polito. Rescue him from the cartel and find out what he knows.
---Karen Bowman giving rescue orders to Nomad

Mission Description Edit

A rebel with knowledge about La Yuri and El Polito has been imprisoned by the cartel in the village of Culta. Get to Culta, rescue the prisoner, and find out what he knows.

When completed:
The rebel prisoner didn't know the location where La Yuri and El Polito tortured him, but he's sure it's within half an hour's travel from Culta. It's not the intel we hoped for, but it does help narrow down our search.

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