Construction Site
Location Sri Lanka
Objective 1. Locate and neutralize Fazal
Game Ghost Recon Predator
Previous Mission: Blackout
Next Mission: Bravo Village

Construction Site is the fourth mission conducted by The Ghosts during the Sri Lankan conflict.

Briefing: Edit

Mitchell - Good work out there, Ghosts. It won't take long for the Activists to respond to our strike, and that'll give us a better picture of how they operate. Until then, here's what we have...

Intel you gathered at the power plant and compound had more references to "The Teacher". The CIA asked their local contact about it, and he confirmed that Kumara Fazal, a.k.a. "The Teacher", orchestrates all combat operations for the Activists.

Fazal's the glue holding this thing together... if he's not around, the Activist faction collapses into maybe a dozen splinter groups. If our troops have to come in, we want them facing scattered parties, not an organized force. We hit the Teacher, that's what we get.

According to CIA's local contact, Fazal's making a rare appearance at an old industrial complex. Our task is to neutralize him. The Activists don't want to draw too much attention, but they need the area secure. I'd anticipate a few squads of their most highly-trained forces... assuming they have any. Once the Teacher's neutralized, proceed to extraction.

After what we've seen at the power plant and Activist compound, these guys don't seem like the type to be running around, blowing up large ships in deep water... but we chase the threads we've got.

This is a simple, Ghosts. Get in, take care of Fazal, get out.


1. Neutralize Kumara FazalEdit

Kumara Fazal

This is Kumara Fazal, a.k.a. "The Teacher", head of the People's Action Front. Intel suggests he'll be making an appearance in this location. Confirm the target before you neutralize him

2. Reach the Extraction ZoneEdit


This is the extraction zone. After the primary has been neutralized, proceed directly to the LZ.

Gallery Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M4 Construction Site07:02

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon- Predator - M4 Construction Site

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