Colonel Jimenez
Colonel Jimenez
Biographical information
Nationality Mexico Mexican
Affiliations Mex Armed Forces Mexican Army
Occupation Soldier
Rank Mexican Military Coronel Colonel
Appearances GRAW 2

Colonel Jimenez is the leader of the Mexican Loyalists who helped Ghost Recon defeat the Mexican rebels and the Panamian Mercenaries and save Mexico and the United States in 2014.

Mexican rebellionEdit

After the death of Carlos Ontiveros. The Rebels declared civil war on Mexico. Carlos and his loyalist troops then fought against the rebels in Ciudad Juarez but were easily outgunned. General Joshua Keating then sent in Scott Mitchell and his team to assist the Colonel and his troops in destroying a tank. The Colonel then thanked Mitchell and asked for his name. The captain said "I have no name". "I'm a Ghost". "And I was never here". Jimenez said "Understood, Senor "Ghost". The Colonel then lent a Stryker to the captain in order to eliminate three rebel positions. After defeating the rebels and destroying three rebel tanks. Colonel Jimenez then contacts Keating and Mitchell and tells them that he and his men are at the market. All of a sudden, a explosion at the market kills all of Jimenez's men. Lieutenant Rosen then suspects that the rebels blew up the market. Jimenez disagrees, thinking that the market was a launch site for a Nuclear bomb. A while later, Colonel Jimenez moved down downtown, only to have more rebels battling them. Keating then tells Mitchell to meet with the loyalists down to an old cemetery. After fighting his way past rebels. Scott then meets up with a loyalist convoy. Keating then tells Mitchell to extract a Mexican Journalist who may have information about the rebels. While arriving in the loyalists convoy, Mitchell and Jimenez look sadly at the destruction of the city.


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