Cold Walker
Cold Walker
Location Europe, Russia, Irkutskaya Oblast
Date September 22, 2024 / 14:20 Hours
Objective Infiltrate a remote Russian rail yard to capture a mobile command train car
Game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Previous Operation: Secure Dawn
Next Operation: Argent Thunder

Cold Walker is the second mission conducted by the Ghost Team during the Russian coup.


Scott Mitchell: Kozlov has set up his headquarters in St. Petersburg. His field commander, General Douka, has rallied loyalist troops and already won several major victories against Raven's Rock forces. Douka has the troops he needs to break into the city; what he doesn't have is the command and control network to use them effectively. The Russian military has a tradition of using specially modified train cars as mobile command posts. We've located one of them at a rail yard near Omsk. The area is heavily defended, so you'll infiltrate the yard aboard a military train heading for the front. Once inside, you'll secure the command car and access its command, communications and control software. The NSA has taken the code keys you recovered in Kazakhstan and created an eavesdropping program that you'll upload into the command car.

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