Central Intelligence Agency
Formed 1947
Jurisdiction World-wide
Headquarters Langley, Virginia
Members "Bronco"
Alicia Diaz
Karen Bowman
Appears in Ghost Recon
Ghost Recon: Combat Ops
Ghost Recon: Choke Point

The Central Intelligence Agency is the civilian American intelligence-gathering organization, formed after World War II.

In 2009, two case officers were tracking Taliban weapons-smuggling. They were captured and subsequently rescued by the Ghost Recon.

Later, "Bronco" and Mike worked with Zahed to control the poppy smuggling in Afghanistan. Mike was chosen because he was Chinese-American.

Daniel Sykes, an operations officer, was captured by Watchgate in Nigeria. He was also rescued by the Ghosts.

Former Ghost Alicia Diaz joined the Special Activities Division and worked with the Ghosts to recover agent Delgado.