Carzita's VIP List
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province P.N. De Agua Verde
Target VIP guest server
Mission Objectives - Locate the server
- Hack the server to obtain the VIP list
- Defend the position until the hack is complete
- Retrieve the VIP list

Carzita's VIP List is the final mission in the P.N. De Agua Verde province and takes place after Carzita (Mission).


After sucessfully interrogating Carzita, the Ghosts travel to the P.N. De Agua Verde base in order to obtain the server containing every guest to the cartel.

We've got intel on a server containing a list of VIPs who've had tied with Carzita's resort. Hack the server and get me that list.
---Karen Bowman giving mission debriefing to Nomad

Mission DescriptionEdit

We've got a location on the server containing a detailed list of every VIP that has been a guest of the cartel at Agua Verde. We need to hack that server and obtain that list.

When complete:
Carzita's list gives us named and business details for every VIP that has visited it is planning to visit the resort in the near future. We can use this infomation to force these individuals to steer clear of the cartel. 0The resort's golden days are over.

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