Carzita's Assistant
Mission Details
Game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
Province P.N. De Agua Verde
Target Carzita's assistant
Mission Objectives - Locate Carzita's assistant without being detected
- Place bugs while remaining undetected
- Leave the area undetected
- Locate Carzita's assistant
- Kill Carzita's assistant

Carzita's Assistant is the first mission in the P.N. De Agua Verde province and requires the player to find major intel in order to unlock it.


After learning about Carzita's assistant who runs the resort, Nomad and his team go to find and eliminate him.

Carzita's the cartel's front man, but it's his assistant that keeps the resort running. Take him out, and we'll force Carzita's hand.
---Karen Bowman giving kill orders to Nomad

Mission DescriptionEdit

When Carzita is away from the province he depends on a trusted assistant to run the complex and take care of VIPs. Locate Carzita's assistant and eliminate him.

When complete:
The death of Carzita's assistant has thrown the resort staff into a panic and left the complex without effective managment. As things get worse, Carzita will have no choice but to return to Agua Verde and try to sort things out.

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